Monday, December 9, 2013

November-December roller coaster!

November came and went in a hurry! I had a birthday, then our sweet Harper celebrated her 5th birthday! We made it to Iuka for a Thanksgiving gathering, Claire and Ken had birthdays and then we decorated the new place for Christmas. Take a closer look:

Kids colored a Christmas ornament

Harper helped me color the icing- "raspberry". That's my girl ;)

In Iuka with Amos.

Random-this was October's First Friday downtown. 

My favorite thing about decorating this year was going on a nature walk to clip and gather greens. I have everything I want right in the "yard": cedar, holly, boxwood, magnolia & crepe myrtle berries. 

Harper loves to take photos. 

Ready for Santa! It's always challenging for me to decorate the first year in a new house. We kept it simple & it feels so cozy! 

There is a house we visit every year in Tuscaloosa. They already had all the decorations up Thanksgiving weekend and we took the girls. Daddy Ray and Grandmommy came with us. It was SO cold that night! The girls still wanted to get out and roam the yard! (Encouraged BTW!)

The girls sang with the Kids' and Youth for Hanging of the Greens at church and then again at the Choir's Christmas Program. We get to ride in the Florence parade Thursday night & have breakfast with Santa Saturday, so stay tuned! :)

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